Hi! Everything is super with “Mr. Pip”, he is getting along fabulously. He is so social and playful. My son in law and two grandchildren came by and played with him yesterday. He and Holly are great company for each other. We are very happy with him. 

Thank you,



Hi First night was a success as she slept in bed with us for a bit. This of course was after playing she was purring and then chilled. She’s been a total angel for us. We have named her LuLu since Margarets niece is named Lila. Expectations are exceeded.


Just a quick update for you, Milo is doing amazing! We love him so much. He is absolutely prerfect. He has a different relationship with all of us. My older son he loves to play with, my husband holds him and nuzzles and with me he follows me all around. He allows the dog to clean his face. He’s very active and eating like a champ. Thank you!



Kiki loves the cat nip blanket you sent with him. He loves to go for rides in the car to get his nails trimmed at the vet.He is my best buddy and is the sweetest boy ever.




Everything is going well. Within an hour she ate and drank.  Played with a ball for 2 hours and used the litter box. She is simply perfect. I named her Freddy I am hopig it’s good luck t have the same first and last name as my boy. Her name is Fredrica Fredrick. We are doing well hope you are too. Ethan


Hope you are okay. Freddie is a doll. He is a lover and likes everyone. I think he is going to be a big boy! The vet techs love him and he spent the day being loved and cuddled.  Can’t thank you enough for letting us add him to our family. Jackie



He is the most wonderfl little thing I have ever seen. All is good in the neighborhood. I think small pieces of motherly instincts have awoken in Freya. She wanted to play more at first and he was more cautious. Now it’s full on. It is almost like they have both always been here. I don’t know how you did it, but you found the most perfect kitty to compliment our home. He is perfect in every way. Brandon



They’re doing well. Huge improvements from a week ago. They love each other so much, I’m
glad I was able
to get two. The SH was running around downstairs with Marvin yesterday, it was adorable.



Hi Mickey,

I just wanted to let you know Finn is doing fine   He has even been purring and is taking a nap now. The care package you put together is wonderful,  thank you!  I will send more pictures too. Thanks again !

Le Ann



I cannot even express how much joy Chanel has brought to my family. She decided to leave the bedroom yesterday. She actually did the day before while I was gone she ventured to the basement and used the litter box down there! Haha. This morning I was sitting on the couch watching the news and she jumped up next to me and lay down. When she is super happy and purring she makes this litte bird sound with her purring. She is so happy and so sweet it makes me cry! She finally ate Fancy Feast beef flavor! She won’t touch the whitefish yet. She lets me clean her eyes and brush her. She likes to bite the metal comb you gave me. I think to let me know…thats enough. I was getting ready for work this morning curling my hair. She justs loves to sit or lay and watch whatever I’m doing. You were so right about her! She initally avoided the rug in the bedroom and would walk all the way around on the wood floor. Now she walks on the carpet! I will send pics in a few days and I want to send an update to your website. I’m in love haha!
Thanks soooo much


He’s doing great.  He’s much more outgoing and playful than I expected her to be after hearing how bashful he was.  He seems to be warming up up to everyone very nicely.

The kids are just in love with her.  My youngest, Bre, is especially interested in him and has very motherly and protective of him lol.

He and the dogs have been sniffing each other under the bedroom door a lot today.  They haven’t actually seen each other yet but they all seem pretty calm about it so far.



Good afternoon.

CeCe had a wonderful first Christmas. I hope you did too. He is doing well does a lot of exploring and playing.

Latte is a bit timid  and Vienna could care less.

I am so honored to have him.

Thank you,



How are you doing today? We are doing good.

I was just thinking about you and wanted to send you a nice picture to melt your heart.

Oh and yesterday I had him on my lap.  He purrs and rolls all over the place.

Just wanted to say hi and that I am in love. – Guccibarbie


Lily is a wonderful addition to our family and has adapted well.  She is ruling the roost!  She wakes us up every morning by lying on our pillows and batting at and chewing on our hair. Or she gets right in our faces and sniffs so her whiskers tickle us.  It’s like having a kid again – she’s awesome.  She’s almost a year old and is still pretty small, just a petite little girl.  Thank you so much for her!

Hope your shows went well last winter,

Take care,


2017-01-27_14-03-59Buffy likes to lay and sleep behind the laptop, when one of us in on it.  Such a sweetie.  Just can’t help but hold her and kiss her.  She tolerates it, … just too active and still a kid.  So, so smart.  We really have to keep a close eye on her, as she is into anything and everything.  She doesn’t see any area “off limits” to her.  I keep telling Connie how boring our life was until we got Buffy.  What a difference our life has been with her in it!!!

Bill & Connie  2013


 Hi Mickey,

This little doll is so clingy to me… I love it!!!!!  Very playful & fun too!!! He has totally adjusted here & does the cutest things… he’s found the spots near me to curl up & right now he’s in the window next to thiscomputer.  When I go to the other room he’ll curl up on the end table right next to the sofa; then he extends his ‘arm’ over to my arm like to hold hands… He is perfection!!!!! I call him “Phoofie-phoof” for now since Bob doesn’t like any of the names I pick.  Phoofie does come to that name, so I guess it’s his nickname!!!

Anyway, He’s a total joy & I am so happy to hear from you!!!  Thanks somuch for trusting me to be his Mom!!!

Kim & Phoofie-phoof


Hi Mickey!

Merlin is doing great!  I absolutely love him!! He purrs all the time and even coo’s!! It   He’s getting so big!  He’s almost 3 pounds now and he loves to sleep in this little box that I keep on my end table.  However, I keep having to find bigger boxes b/c he’s outgrowing them!  🙂 Everyone at the vet loved him and commented on his coat. He’s such a little fluffball and so much fun! Hope all is well on your end! – Kelly

LAWRANCE 041 Hi Mickey,                                               

Tank is doing great.  Last night he spent the whole night in bed with me, slept like a little furry log. His latest quirk is hanging out in the garbage basket in my office.  It serves as a playground and a scratching post!

BTW he loves having his face massaged with those wipes.  I’m going to Petsmart this morning to get some more.



I thought you might want to see a picture of Chester. He is with me all the time. He was watching me rearrange my front room. He’s a real helper! He is so so perfect and wonderful!! Thank you  for adding him to my life, I adore him!!




Hi Mickey,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know Chester (Tango) is doing great.  He is an absolute sweetheart!!!


DSC02680 Hi!!!

Wow!!!  He is truly amazing!  He is playing, and running about the house and inspecting.  We are all really happy with him and the older girls absolutely adore him.  They’ve named him tuluz, (too-looz), the the aristocats kitty.  He’s using the litter box and just overall seems to be adjusting just fine.  OUr home is a two level, so we put his things upstairs just in case he wanted some privacy and time to get adjusted, but he follows us up and down and pretty much where we go.

Thank you so much!


Screen shot 2012-07-21 at 12.56.57 PMMickey,

Thank you so much for bringing my baby Rory into my life! He’s the sweetest, most loving little guy, and he’s adjusting so well.  He’s definitely not a “scaredy cat” – his personality is so outgoing, and he’s always trying to get into things around the house!  I fall asleep with him snuggled up next to me and I wake up to him biting my nose as if to say “get up! It’s time for breakfast!” What I’m trying to say is that he’s perfect, and I can’t thank you enough for bringing up such a perfect, loving little guy! 🙂

Thanks again,


ps, I attached a couple pictures of him on my bed, which is his favorite place to relax. It takes him a few tries to jump up on it, but he’s getting much better at it.


Hi Mickey,

I hope you are doing well. Latte is doing great and settling in just fine. She is so cute and adorable. I’ve included a new picture for you. Her new name is Isabella, or “Bella” for short.

She is a real joy to be around….. such a sweet girl and we love her so much!

Thanks, Jeanine

000_6159 Hello mickey!

lizzie is doing great! what a joy she is…she makes me laugh!!! and you are right she loves to be petted…purrs, purrs, purrs!!!! love her to bits!!!

She seems to be very trusting of me which is great so soon 🙂 i think she was meant to be in my life…so glad i found you guys!!!


000_6150 Hi Mickey and Paul,

I wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and send you some news about the kitties. We are all doing well. Jiggy’s hair is growing – he is becoming a fluffy giant! 🙂  Henry, on the other hand, is another story. He is an amazing cat, so playful and mischievous. He is making us laugh nearly every day. Both are “characters”. We love them so much and thank you again for giving them to us – I am SO glad we got both Jiggy and Henry. I am also  sending some pictures of Henry so that you can see how much he has grown.

Tim and I wish you a happy thanksgiving and a great Christmas. We hope your new year is full of health, joy and kitties.

All the best,

Azer and Tim (and Jiggy and Henry)

shapeimage_2Hi Mickey, I just wanted to let you know that Dillon is doing just fine. Better than fine, he is growing like weed. I have been to Kenosha twice since he arrived and, what a character he is Definitely, mischievious as only a cat can be, but very loving and sweet. My mom absolutely loves him. He follows her around the house like a puppy.  She is spoiling him dreadfully and he is lapping it up and milking it for all he is worth.

When I was at home last week, he spent the night going back and forth between our rooms. He must have jumped up with me (it is a very high bed) at least 6 times. He would cuddle and sleep for a bit, or just want to wake me and play. He is definitely a lap cat and I know she just loves that about him. She even mentioned that when he holds his head a certain way when being petted, that he looks just like her old baby”.

He is very diligent about his hygiene habits, and loves being brushed. He is not as happy about having his nails clipped or his eyes washed out but he tolerates it pretty well.

My mom named him “Yuki”. She is Japanese and yuki means snow in Japanese.

Anyhow, thank you Mickey, he was a great find for us. He is being loved and spoiled like a child. Take care Barbara


Good morning!

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of “Oliver.”  He is something else – never had a kitten with so much personality!  He and our Pomeranian are best friends.  They play all day long.  We are really enjoying him – he has become a real member of the family.

Our 22-yr.old persian even “tolerates” him,  and she isn’t very friendly with other animals.  What a great Christmas gift!

Will send you pictures as he grows.  He’s growing so fast!

Gary & Barb


Hi Mickey,

I just wanted to give you an update on my little princess!  She is doing great!  She used the litter box a couple hours after you dropped her off and has had no problems with that.  The first day she didn’t eat any of the hard food until 10pm at night, but ate the soft.  We go to bed around 10:30pm and she has been sleeping until about 6am.  She sleeps right next to me on the bed and puts her little head on me as her pillow.  She wants nothing to do with the blanket I sent you.  lol  I went to work today, it is her first day home alone in my bedroom.



 Hi Mickey and Paul,

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know how MUCH we LOVE little Muggie McGee (G.G.).  He is soooo precious.  His personality just makes us melt everytime we look at him.  He is obviously our favorite.  We love our other kitties too are very careful not to let them know…..but he is our baby!  Thank you so much for sending him to us.

Much Love,

Rick and Dee



Spike just had his 3rd birthday and we are getting ready to celebrate the end of our first year together so I thought I’d send you some pictures.  I hope I haven’t sent these before.  He continues to be a totally goofy and affectionate joy.  I’m just nuts about this cat!

Thanks again!




Thank you so much for such a wonderful cat! His loving personality is bringing us such joy, what a guy! We are falling head over hills in love with him! He seems to be transitioning very well, eating good and playful with the kids.

My older cat is coming around little by little [she just can’t help herself because he is so cute;}

Thank you for all your advice on getting the cats to like each other, I am taking that advice and it seems to be working. Thanks again for such a wonderful boy…..tanna


Hello Mickey,

Yoda is doing fine.. We took him on a three week camping trip and he actually liked it. The worse part for him was the drive to where we were going.  We had 4 kids a dog and Yoda. We looked like hillbillies.

Yoda never once tried to get out of the camper he was very content in staying inside and looking out the windows.   He is such a joy to have. He is more my cat then Steve’s if I call him he comes a running but when Steve calls him he comes but stays a little ways off and lays down and looks at Steve as if to say you come to if you want to pet me.  I love it..

I hope all is well with you and your family..