Pet Contract

Conditions of Sale below plus you must be 18 or older to sign

Conditions of Sale:

1)    The purchaser is allowed up to 72 hours to return said kitten/cat, at the purchaser’s expense, if not verified to be healthy.  Kitten/cat must be isolated from all other animals during the first 72 hours.  All sales are final after 72 hours of the purchaser receiving the kitten/cat.  All shipping and vet related expenses are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  Seller will not accept the return of said kitten/cat if exposed to any other animal (s).  Purchaser price and/or deposits are non-refundable.  Only a replacement of the kitten or cat, if available.  Seller reserves the right to have up to 1 year to accept a replacement of different color, age, sex or temperament or contract is null and void.  No replacements will be made until the original kitten/cat is returned within 3 days with registration papers, health records and a signed original document from the vet.  Seller reserves the right to have a second opinion provided by the veterinarian of seller’s choice at purchaser’s expense.  Only a replacement of a kitten or cat up to 1 year from purchase date will be given.

2)    This Health Warranty on the kitten/cat is good up to 1 year from date of purchase.  Should kitten/cat become ill or die before 1 year of age from a disease, a licensed veterinarian’s written report and autopsy report proving that the cause of illness originated at the Vannies Paws Cattery, will be required before any replacement will be considered.  The seller’s liability shall be limited to a replacement kitten/cat valued at the original purchase price and to the original purchaser of the kitten/cat.  All veterinarian related expenses are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  Breaching this contract, either verbal, written or through neglect or avoiding to communicate on the purchasers behalf will result in legal action.  In the event the purchaser is found to have violated any of these terms of this agreement/contract the purchaser agrees to pay any and all costs resulting from litigating this contract.  Up and including court costs, attorney fees and court fees associated with enforcing the terms of this agreement/contract.  Any legal action, which may arise, shall be considered in accordance with the laws of the state of Wisconsin and all obligations of the parties created herein and hereunder are performable in the county of Kenosha.

3)    Seller does not guarantee against treatable problems that can be brought on by stress.  (stress is brought on my going to a new home, shipping or exposure to other animals) This includes fungus, ring worm, yeast, internal parasites, minor URI, etc.   Seller is not responsible for any veterinary fees once the kitten has left the cattery.

4)    This breed does not always have perfect teeth and we don’t guarantee they will be straight now or in the future.  We do not guarantee testicles in a male that have not dropped as it can take up to a year for them to drop.  Seller is not responsible for any veterinary fees once the kitten has left the cattery.

5)    TICA or CFA papers will be given to you after proof of spay or neuter from your vet.

6)    Both parents of this cat are DNA/PKD negative. Which means the kitten/cat you are buying is negative.  We are a Feline Leukemia negative cattery therefore there is not need for unnecessary testing or vaccinating. This contract is null and void if a FIP or Feline Leukemia vaccination is given to the kitten or cat.

7)    Under no circumstances will this cat be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research facility or similar facility.  Should you find yourself unable in a situation that you can no longer keep you r kitten/cat and can’t find an acceptable home we will take the kitten/cat back with no questions asked and rehome him/her for you.  This will be done at the purchasers expense provided the kitten/cat has been to the vet, up to date on vaccinations and has no contagious diseases.

8)    Failure to sign and return this agreement prior to kitten/cat transferring ownership and leaving Vannies Paws Cattery becomes an AS IS sale and relieves the seller of any and all liability.  Both purchaser and seller have to sign for this to be a valid contract.