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“How to Select a Reputable Persian Breeder”

Persian cat breeders are very prevalent throughout the world. However, finding a reputable Persian cat breeder can take a little homework. Below is an article to assist you in distinguishing between a reputable breeder and someone that is basically a “kitten mill” or backyard breeder.

It is estimated that over 50% of kittens (and puppies) raised in the U.S. are raised by people who NEVER have another litter. Few of these people are well informed, prepared for the experience, or do a good job. These people do not usually stand behind their kittens and very few are equipped to take adequate care of all the kittens until they can be placed in good homes, regardless of how long that takes. A large percentage of those kittens are raised by people that raise and sell many litters and have many breeds, or they sell to retailers and pet stores for resale.

This leaves a relatively small percentage of kittens that are being raised by experienced people who are dedicated to one or two breeds and raising kittens for reasons other than maximum profit. However, not all of these Persian cat breeders are knowledgeable and conscientious.

How Do You Recognize a Reputable Persian Cat Breeder?

When you contact a reputable Persian cat breeder to inquire about a Persian kitten, they will interview you whether that be by interview or by the breeder asking you to fill out an application, questionnaire or by phone.

  • A reputable breeder will use a written contract that clearly sets forth their health guarantee, their responsibility and your responsibility for the kitten. They will not sell you a Persian simply because you want one and have the money to pay for it. They want to know that you can house and raise their kitten appropriately and that their kitten will have one permanent home for its entire lifetime. They will have a no questions asked return policy if for any reason you are unable to keep the kitten. This policy is sometimes referred to as a “First Right of Refusal”. That policy will be clearly stated in the contract.
  • A reputable breeder breeds to the CFA (or other registry standard). In other words, they do NOT breed “teacup” Persian cats which weigh less than 4 pounds (and are a genetic abnormality and can sometimes end up costing an owner thousands in veterinary bills over the lifetime of the kitten).
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder is one that you will talk to and buy the kitten from directly, the same person who raised the litter and owns the mother (“queen”).
  • A reputable Persian cat breeders do not trust other people to screen buyers for them and would never offer a kitten as a prize or place it up for auction. Despite what most people think, buying a kitten directly from the breeder does not cost more – because there is no “middle-man.” And because a reputable breeder spends time and money with their cats.
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder will provide all their kittens with age appropriate vaccination(s) [and age appropriate worming(s)].
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder will have had the kittens examined by their licensed veterinarian prior to the kittens going to their new homes.
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder will know the ancestry of the kittens and will provide you with a written/printed pedigree which should reflect at a minimum 3 generations.
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder will have done or will have in their possession the documentation of a PKD DNA information on all their breeding cats. A reputable Persian breeder will not have multiple litters of multiple breeds. Two to three breeds is typical.
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder will be actively involved in showing, doing rescue, etc. The kittens’ environment will be clean with ample room for play. A reputable breeder will not allow the kittens to be prematurely separated from their mother and littermates. Most Persian kittens should remain with its littermates and mother until about 12 weeks of age or longer. A reputable breeder is more concerned with placing their kittens/cats in approved homes rather than the money.
  • A reputable breeder will want to know where their kittens are going, want your references and to know what other pets you have. They will spend time with you to make sure that they answer all of your questions, before, during and after you buy. They may even want to see your home to know where their kitten/cat is going or ask for your vet references.
  • A reputable Persian cat breeder will insist that you prepare an appropriate place at your home for your kitten before you take your kitten home and they will give you thorough personal instructions on the feeding and care of the kitten, and a record of vaccination(s) and worming(s).

As stated above, a reputable Persian cat breeder will have a written contract – no agreements will be made without it being in writing. A reputable Persian cat breeder will be there to help and advise you throughout the life of the kitten. As stated above, many breeders will ask you to bring the kitten (or cat) back to them at any age if for any reason you can’t keep it. That will be clearly stated in their contract.

In all likelihood, you will be required to take a kitten on a spay/neuter agreement. The breeding of Persian cats is a responsibility that should not be entered into lightly. The prevention of over-population and haphazard breeding is the responsibility of the person selling the kitten. To that end, many reputable Persian cat breeders now take part in the early spay and neuter program. Therefore, in some cases, many Persian cat breeders now spay or neuter their kittens prior to their being placed in a new home.

Many Persian cat breeders will withhold the CFA or other registration paperwork until the breeder receives written confirmation that the kitten has been spayed or neutered. However, if the registration paperwork is withheld, the breeder should furnish you with the registered names and numbers of the sire and dam, the birth date of the litter and, the name, address and phone number of breeder. If the breeder takes part in the early spay and neuter program, they should provide you with the CFA or other registration paperwork when you pick up your kitten and execute the contract.

Nobody likes to think about giving up their pet but, it does happen in certain circumstances. A responsible beeder will take back any cat or kitten of their breeding without questioning why and rehome the pet for you.

A reputable Persian cat breeder will have references. They will give you the name of their vet, other breeders and people they have sold to so you can check them out. Any breeder who doesn