Retired Adults

Please fill out our adoption form before inquiring

If you don’t see what you are looking for please email us as we have others that may be available. We are moving out of state in late fall and can not take everyone. If you want more than one we can work out a better price. They will be altered, vet checked, vaccinated, and wormed before leaving us which is included in their price. Please do not ask us to reduce our prices as we do not make any money on our retirees. Price range is $300 – $600depending on age and if they are titled which means champion states or above. We prefer to place semi local in casse the situation does not work out. All our cats are returnable.

***Please note that older cats take more time to adjust to a new home. Sometimes they may hide or be shy for several weeks. This is because cats are territorial by nature. For that reason we like to place our cats semi local in case it doesn’t work out. ***

All our cats go home with a quilt to help them aclimate to there new homes. They are made with or without cat nip by “Kitten Quilts” on Face Book