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We ask that you fill the form out below before you adopt.

Adoption Form

Tell us about yourself:


1 – Have you ever owned a Persian/Himalayan or Exotic before

(we ask because this is a high maintenance breed)

2 – Have you had a kitten before?

3 – Are you looking for a pet? Breeder? Or Show kitty?

4 – Male or Female? Color choices?

5 – Do you have children? If so what are the ages?

6 – Do you have other pets? If so what are they and how old are they?

7- Do you live in and apartment/condo/horse or rental? If a rental are you allowed pets?

8 – Are there any allergies to animals in your family?

9- What are your feelings on declawing?

10 -How long will the animal be alone during the daytime?

11 – Do you have a vet?

12 – What state are you located in?

13 – Will your kitty be an indoor or outdoor pet?

14 – Are you employed?

15 – How did you find us? Surfing the net? Cat show? Word of mouth?

16 – phone number and best time to call?

17 -First name please

18 – Feel free to tell us about yourself and your family. And anything else you feel is important.

Thank you – this helps us to help you find the perfect companion.