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We ask that you fill the form out below before you adopt.  This helps us to help you find the perfect pet then we can help you with any needs you may have before, during and after the adoption.

To fill out the form, copy it, paste it into an email, fill the questions out and email them to us at or

Tell us about yourself:

1 – Have you owned a Persian/Himalayan/Exotic before?

    (we ask because this is a high maintenance breed)

2 – Have you had a kitten before?

3 – Are you looking for a pet/breeder/show?

4 – Male or Female? Color?

5 – Do you have children? If so what are the ages?

6 – Do you have other pets? If so what are they and what are their ages? Are your pets altered?

7 – Do you live in an apartment/condo/house or rental? If a rental are you allowed pets?

8 – Are there any allergies to animals in your family?

9 – What are your feelings on declawing?

10 – How long will the animal be alone during the daytime?

11 – Will your pet be an indoor or outdoor kitty?

12 – Do you have a vet?

13 – Where state are you located in?

14 – Are you employed?

15 – How did you find us? Surfing the web? Cat show? Word  of mouth? Other?

16 – Phone number and best time to call you.

17 – First name please

18 – Please feel free to tell us about yourself and your family.  And what you feel is important. Also why you are interested in a Persian/Himalayan or Exotic.