Exotic Kittens



Please fill out our adoption form before inquiring

Our Babies do not leave us until 12 – 16 weeks.  Many times we hold them longer if we feel they are not big enough or emotionally ready to go into a new home or we are evaluating for show potential

Our litters should all be on the ground this month. Please note that kittens are evaluated for show/breeding potential for our cattery first before being offered as pets and do not leave before 12 weeks old




CFA champion sired 8 week old blue eyed white Exotic. Beautiful boy can be a little shy but is very loving. Only going as a pet no breeding or show rights on him. 

Pet Price is $1,200




CFA Champion sired 6 week old black Exotic boy. Sweet personality very out going and loving. He is being offered as a pet only.


for Jackie x Pete



Just like his brother above, he is a champion sired 6 week old baby. Similar personality to his brother. Only offering as a pet.

Pet Price


(We will be listing more as we make our decisions of who will we will be showing this year. So please check back often)

All our kittens come with a kitten kit which includes:

  • All paperwork, contract, Health Record (2 vaccinations, vet exam, wormings)
  • Toys
  • Food (wet and dry)
  • Eye Wipes
  • 1 dose of Revolution (for kittens only)
  • On going support for you and your pet throught his/her lifetime

Our pricing starts at 750+ (Persians & Himalayans) breeding/show pricing is higher

1,000+ Exotic Short Hair breeding/show pricing is higher only to approved catteries

(this pricing depends on the quality, color and breed also show kittens sold as pets are sold at a higher price 1,200-1,500)

NOTE – Our kittens leave us no earlier than 12 to 16 weeks old NO exceptions

(This depends on their emotional and physical development)


  • We do not hold kittens with out a deposit

  • We do not trade or exchange kittens or cats

  • We do not sell to 3rd Parties (our contract is with the purchaser)

  • We do not rent, lease or lend our breeding/show cats to other catteries

  • We do not sell breeding cats in our CFA/TICA region (we will consider selling a show kitty after it has been altered)

  • We do not sell to breeding catteries that are not registered

  • Please note we feel our pricing is more than fair we do not negotiate on pricing

  • Do not ship as of 11/13 per USDA requirements (you can fly into O’Hare in Chicago, IL or Mitchell in Milwaukee, WI to pick your pet up in some cases we do have a pet nanny that will deliver to an airport but not all airports for a fee

  • As of 2010 we do not have buyers come to our home for the health and safety of  our kittens.  We have references, our vet, other breeders and buyers that we have sold to.  We sell at shows and we meet people within an hour free after that we charge a small gas fee. We are firm regarding this issue. We are also happy to discuss this at length if you choose to do so. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have at vanniespaws1@gmail.com or vanniespaws1@yahoo.com

If you don’t hear from us within a reasonable time try the other email.

Thank you,

Paul and Mickey